The 2019 Canadian Election: Before and After

The Four Major Party Leaders*, Not Actually The Kahoot Loading Screen

Fares Megahed
October 24, 2019

Pre Election

The upcoming election is the biggest news all over Canada because it will have a huge impact  on the country. As incumbent Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes an appearance in Calgary, the Liberals show confidence that they will hold the seats they currently have. On the other side of the street, there is a peaceful rally of Conservative supporters campaigning against Trudeau. The people here are holding signs that say things like “Alberta First, Liberals Last.” The people of Alberta are opposed to Trudeau because he declared war on the Conservative leaders and the oil interests that support them, stationed here in Alberta. While there is not much support for the Liberals in Alberta, they still hold many of the votes.

Outside of Alberta, the odds are that the Liberal Party will win most of Canada’s seats, but will not be able to  hold onto their majority government. The Conservatives are likely to finish a close second. The NDP is also running a strong campaign. Their leader, Jagmeet Singh, has ruled out any chance of working with the Conservatives if a Liberal minority was to happen, but would not rule out working with the Liberals in a minority scenario, despite past “blackface” incidents involving Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. While the NDP is going strong, the Liberals or Conservatives still look like they have the highest chance of winning. 

Post Election

Looking back, you can see that the previous piece was more or less accurate. The Liberals won 157 seats and Conservatives got 121 seats. These results show that the Liberals have won another election with Trudeau as their face, though they did not win a  majority. While the Conservatives have a 34.4% vote share and just over six million votes, the Liberals got a 33.1% vote share and just under six million votes. One can only hope that the Liberals continue to build upon what they already started and continue making Canada a better place in the years to come. 

*Elizabeth May has recently stepped down as the leader of the Green Party, though she was the leader of the party during the 2019 Canadian Election

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