Artist Spotlight: LAUNDRY DAY

A photo of the group from their profile on DIY

Vivian Nguyen
November 22, 2019

From singing in their bedrooms to performing at various festivals such as Camp Flog Gnaw, all the way to going on tour with the likes of The 1975 and Clairo, the boy band LAUNDRY DAY is on their way to becoming a global sensation. Inspired by Tyler, the Creator and BROCKHAMPTON, the pop group started in New York in 2017 when five high school friends joined to create music. The bands lineup is made up of Sawyer Nunes, Jude Ciulla, Etai Abramovich, Henry Weingartner, and Henry Pearl. The boys are not afraid to take risks in the creative process of their music, constantly making changes and releasing pieces that are unique. They currently have three albums out, their most recent being HOMESICK which includes popular songs such as “Harvard” and “Cha”. They went on their own tour for this album across North American and European cities. Their songs are very personal to them and they make sure they write things that they can relate to as they feel like it means more – especially since they’re still going through changes. Their style of music contains both very distorted sounds along with catchy melodies, a good example being “Red Roses”.

The cover of HOMESICK, the aforementioned latest album

The members of the band make sure that they make themselves unique and memorable in any way that they can. Part of this is how they film their music videos, which are creative and have a very “home-video” style. They look very low-budget, but the way they are filmed really suits the group. They are also known for their wacky editing when it comes to videos and merchandise. The band is also very connected with their fanbase. They’ll often reply to messages or posts on their social media, and after their concerts, they’ll stay later to talk and take pictures with fans for free. They’ve stated many times how appreciative they are of all the love and support. If you’re ever looking for new and unique music, you should most definitely give a listen to Laundry Day. They release new music very often, and have made songs with so many different varieties that even if you don’t like one song of theirs, you’ll surely be able to find another that you might enjoy.

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