A Note To The Reader

If you’re reading this, thank you – and welcome. It has been my great pleasure to sponsor this student-run newspaper for the past two years and we have come a long way. There have been a number of excellent student writers who have committed to creating consistent content that has been of high quality.

Starting this month, we have increased our reach to include our very own Instagram account, which you can find at @hudsonhuskyherald

My main purpose in writing to you is to emphasize that – as we continue to grow and strengthen our mandate – we want to hear from you. If you haven’t heard of the Husky Herald, or did not know that our school had a student-run newspaper, it is important that we change that. 

The way that we want to achieve that is to continue to broaden the variety and the type of the writing that we publish and to continue to distribute it on multiple platforms amongst our school community. In particular, this paper seeks to amplify and embolden those of you who may have been hesitant to use your voice before now. We want creative works – poems, short stories, comic strips, song lyrics, drawings or other media. Moreover, in addition to the sports, politics, advice, science, music and entertainment news that we’ve already published to date – it is our goal to encourage an increased focus highlighting social justice issues going forward.

Our challenge in September is this:

If you are the quiet type – let the Herald be your microphone.

If you are artistic – let the Herald be where the first chapter of your novel appeared. 

If you are passionate – let the Herald be your soapbox. 

See you in the fall.

Mr. Winter

(please send all submissions to julianapolinario@hudsoncollege.ca)

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