Artist Spotlight: Beabadoobee

Know her or not, this young woman has a bright future ahead of her

Vivian Nguyen
June 25, 2020

From recording covers in her bedroom to dominating the charts, Bea Kristi has changed the music industry and proved how powerful social media platforms – especially Tik Tok – can be. Inspired by many indie, pop and rock artists such as Kimya Dawson, Beatrice is a Filipina-British artist who is currently nineteen years old. The origin of her stage name, Beabadoobee, came from an inside joke she had with her friends. From a young age, she began learning how to play instruments such as the violin and the guitar, mostly through YouTube tutorials. Beabadoobee is quickly taking over the world, having gone from a small-time musician to Spotify’s 51st most listened to artist in the world within a month. She was an opener for various artists such as Clairo and The 1975, and is currently set to play at several different festivals.

The first song that she wrote on her guitar and released is “Coffee” in 2017. The song very quickly started to get attention and currently has over 28 million streams on Spotify. The song was then sampled in a song called “death bed (coffee for your head)”, which has received over 418,000,000 streams on Spotify, making her Spotify’s 51st most listened to artist in the world. This is mainly due to the social media app, TikTok, where using the song in videos became a popular trend. Since then, Beabadoobee has released several songs and EPs such as Patched Up and Loveworm, which have also received a tremendous amount of attention.

Beabadoobee reveals her zombie apocalypse plan at the NME Awards ...
Beabadoobee at the 2020 NME Awards, discussing her zombie apocalypse plan with an interviewer

Within a short amount of time, Beabadoobee has been able to accomplish a lot in her music career. She has been nominated for the NME (Essential New Artists for 2019) and Brit Awards (Rising Star Award). She had also won an NME Award (Radar Award) in 2020 and performed at the show. Popular artists such as Jaden Smith and Khalid have also called themselves fans of her music. 

Beabadoobee brings a unique sound to the music landscape and inspires other artists to be able to take risks with their music. Her music career definitely has a bright future ahead of it and she has teased a possible upcoming album release on her Instagram. Bea is quickly dominating the music industry, but this is only the beginning for her. 

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