Mental Health After High School

University is a lot of things: easy sure isn’t one of them

Yuliia Hrytskiv
June 25, 2020

It is a common occurrence of late that post-secondary institutions have experienced crises regarding their students’ mental health; instances of mental breakdowns, depression, and suicides have been well publicized. Those institutions with more competitive programs have become famous for triggering mental health events in their students, and are feared by many people. Statistics show that the worst times for these issues are the beginnings of the term, holidays, for students left alone on campus, and exam periods. 

Students around the country may feel like their universities are not providing the help they need. Seeking help outside of their schools is an option for some; however, it is an expensive one, especially for university students. Students are not asking for their program to become easier, just for the appropriate mental health services to support them as they complete difficult programs that are also often very competitive. 

It is much, much more difficult for a student to succeed in their studies if they have to deal with depression or other mental illnesses: it’s as simple as that. The younger generations seem to not be able to cope with failure well, and view exam periods and other assessments as inevitable stress. University is a challenging period, and given that much of the country’s youth will attend post secondary education of some sort, it creates an enormous demand for mental health services. And academics aren’t the only problem. 

Often, it seems like students are offered the triumvirate of  sleep, social life, academics, and a statement reading “you can only balance two”. Today, however, some cannot balance even one. But the thing is, students are expected to balance all of them, combined with the modern day’s constant pressure of technology and social platforms, the high costs of living, and the issues that come with forming relationships. University is supposed to be the most fun time in students’ lives, where they dig deep into themselves and the fields that interest them, and where they find friends for life, but it is turning into a somewhat joyless experience for many people- far removed from what it should be. 

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