Editor’s Note

This year simply feels like walking directly into Mordor sometimes

Two weeks ago I was talking to my grandmother, a lady with a grade eight education who emigrated from rural Italy to Canada and worked her way up to a comfortable retirement over the course of decades of work. She told me, in no uncertain terms, that she figured that between the Coronavirus and famine, she’d pick the famine. 

I think that says something. 

Granted, this was at about 1:00 PM, and she quickly changed her mind after eating lunch, but to be honest, I can’t fault her too much for her original sentiment. You might laugh, but it’s the spirit of what she said that I think is interesting. Obviously, no one should have to choose between either of those terrible situations, but I don’t think I’m alone in saying that many of us have been having very weird conversations with our family and friends in these trying times.

Even though we begin this school year under a cloud of uncertainty, it’s been nice to see many of your (masked) faces in the halls. Those of us who are attending school in person, let’s hope that things stay well enough that this can continue, and that we can have a little normalcy back in our lives. And let’s hope that this new normal becomes better than what came before it. 

 It is my wish that this year, the articles written by your peers let you feel closer to your school community and take your mind off of, well everything. With any luck, it might just bring you back to a time when seeing a friendly face meant more than just reaching out into the digital void. 

There’s some great stuff on here for you guys. Enjoy it, please.

Julian Apolinario, Masked Editor-In-Chief

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