The Oracle

And so it begins…

The Oracle
November 12, 2020

So, we at the newspaper have a wonderful new advice column starting soon. It all began when someone writing for the paper needed this question to be answered:

“How can I balance the stress of a new relationship and exam season at the same time? My partner is very needy, and my teacher is very demanding. Help!”

The person who answered it wrote so well that we decided that they were qualified to give advice to people on all manner of topics. The original advice in question is below:

“The first thing you should do is tell your partner how you feel. Communication is key! Set up a specific time so that you are both prepared to talk. Once you start the conversation, don’t beat around the bush about how you feel. This can lead to misinterpretations and not solving the issue. Let them know that for the next while you will have to spend some more time on school for exams. Clarify that it is nothing personal so that they don’t feel like you’re ignoring them. If they continue to be upset, you may want to rethink some things about the relationship. Because in a healthy relationship, your partner should want what’s best for you. After that, just get organized and create a good schedule so you can study efficiently. You can even squeeze in a FaceTime call with your partner during your breaks. This will create a good work life balance. Remember you should never feel guilty for prioritizing your needs, and what matters most in the long run!”

And so, I’m proud to announce the paper’s new advice column, “The Oracle”. So, since oracles in Greek Myths only cause pain and suffering 50% of the time, and those odds honestly aren’t that bad, send in any of your questions to and get your question answered and put on the internet for everyone to learn about your personal business. Of course, everything’s anonymous: our Oracle won’t put your name or email in anything they write about- it’s strictly question and answer for the rest of the world to see.

So, try it out, and get your problem solved by a slightly under-qualified teenager today!

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