Editor’s Note

…and so, as the semester edges ever closer to the end of the political tragicomedy that has been 2020, let us move forward with both caution and hope held within our hearts. 

So, where are we now? Though the Herald is non-partisan, I’m happy to say that regardless of winner, the American presidential election is now drawing to a close, with Joe Biden – the moderate to end all moderates – coming out on top. It’ll be interesting to see the country under new management, although I do feel for every late night TV host, whose writers will now be entirely out of material!

And hey, if you’ve been checking the big news of late, there’s been chatter about a vaccine for COVID-19 coming soon, from the companies BioNTech/Pfizer and now Moderna as well. While things are still in the works, I think it’s fair to be, as they say, cautiously optimistic. We all know about the rising numbers, but currently, I choose to focus on the good: stay safe, but stay hopeful.

That’s the final thing I feel like mentioning: hope. Things may not be the greatest now, but I think that during these trying times, it’s important to keep hope alive. Having something to look forward to can be an important thing- it can be a beacon in the distance, an island of calm, and even without any concrete evidence, knowing that there may be something in the future can provide you with something comforting to hold onto. Sometimes it may be tempting to abandon hope, but allowing yourself to keep that spark alive can be a powerful tool in your arsenal. 

Now, I know everyone’s been hoping for some great new pieces from our writers, and we’ve made sure to deliver. Enjoy this late-November drop and brace yourself for exam season. We’re all going to need some hope then. 

Julian Apolinario, Editor-In-Chief

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