Rocket League: What Makes it so Great?

Fast cars, high speeds, giant soccer, what’s not to love?

Nick Bhumgara
October 15, 2020

Rocket League recently had a spike in players. If you don’t know what Rocket League is, it’s a competitive and casual game filled with fun! It’s about you and your teammates as cars which you can design, hitting a ball into each other’s nets: basically car soccer, but versions like car hockey, basketball and other fun game modes exist too. This game came to the world on July 7th, 2014, but just before that there was Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars. This game was the precursor to Rocket League, and a few years later, RL was created. This game was inspired, believe it or not, by the game Farming Simulator. When Sunless Khan, a Rocket League YouTuber, interviewed the game devs, they said, “after playing that and playing soccer with tractors they came up with an idea.”

Recently this game became free to play, which is a very popular way of making games right now. Free to play means that a game doesn’t cost any money to use in the beginning, but may have things to buy later on. Rocket League gained thousands of new players through friends telling them about the game and increasing awareness. RL also released an update for the original players so they kept their status and got items no one else could get. The developers also released an update that partnered the game with Fortnite, as Epic Games own both of these games. The objective was to do these challenges in-game to get the option to play as the Battle Bus from Fortnite, along with some customization choices for your player in Fortnite.

A step up from sitting on the floor in your room, if we’re being honest

Onto eSports. eSports are a new thing for everyone, even older people who think the only job online is tech support! Seriously though, eSports are the new thing for gamers all over the world, and exist in every genre from roleplaying to sports games like Rocket League. Pro players know more about the game than meets the eye, whether it’s mechanics or flips and tricks, they have them down pat. eSports are part of the next generation of jobs, and whether it be through tournaments or casting, the industry’s got a lot of potential and it’s only going to get better. Rocket League professionals also need to stay focused, so there are pro players that now coach them in the game, helping them with some things that are crazy, like how to move around when your teammate is at the opposite end of the field.

Finally, there is a trading system that players use, trading virtual items in the game which can go for thousands of dollars. The most expensive item is actually a white cowboy hat priced at $15,000, and there are only a few of them. Crazy, right? A free video game that used to cost $20 has an in-game item that costs more than a laptop.

To sum everything up, Rocket League is an amazing free to play game on all platforms and lets you have many different levels of fun. This game is also cross-platform so you can play with all your friends no matter what they play on, so you and your buddies can stay connected through the magic of car soccer. 

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