Trench: An Album That Millions Could Relate To

Josh Dun (left) and Tyler Joseph (right). Credits to Rock Sound and Brad Heaton

Marwan Mohammed Iqbal 
October 26, 2020

The latest album released during Fall 2018 by Twenty One Pilots, Trench, has broken sales records of their extremely famous album, Blurryface. It was released by the famous duo to vaguely talk about insecurity, but also to put out groovy beats. Tyler Joseph, the group’s singer, says that the Trench album represents the feeling of needing to escape and being in between two places. 

Tyler and Josh had actually recorded many of the songs in Trench during the time of Blurryface. The last two songs on the Trench album were released quite a bit later. The special thing about the duo’s history is the influence every song has on its listeners. Every song they release is always deep from their hearts; the lyrics come from their own experiences, or sometimes just how they know that a lot of people can relate to them. The albums that they create have common themes like insecurity, faith, suicide, and mental health, and Trench is another album that contains songs which have deep meaning in their lyrics. But, there’s something different about the latest album, something anomalous. 

When you look at Trench, Trench looks back at you

Comparing the songs from the album Trench with almost every other song the group has released, it is noticeable that the latest album has a different mood. Usually, their tracks are upbeat, and ironically, the lyrics are depressing and extremely realistic. This time, though, the new album doesn’t follow that path anymore. The mood is just as melancholic as the lyrics for every song. The sudden change makes us realize that the new songs are meant only for people that take time to really understand the music, and not just for those who blindly listen to the tunes. The most fascinating part about the band is the use of music videos: every shot, every scene, is made to connect to the theme of the album. This is something that is super rare in this day and age, where people can relate to a song and watch its music videos to find easter eggs.

All in all, the album is one of the best ones released in 2018, and I think the duo deserved the love they got from their fans. Especially because it wasn’t made for popularity, but for authenticity and relatability. I would recommend listening to their new album, and watching their music videos whenever you feel mopey. It will make you feel a little bit better knowing that there’s other people that feel the same as you do.

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