Teacher’s Corner – Feb/March

Mr. McMaster:

This month Maritimes are preparing for the MOGS (Maritime Olympic Games) on March 12th! While changes will have to be made to the usual fare due to COVID, Maritimes is more than capable of pulling it off!

Prairies also have their Leadership initiative this month, focusing on the theme of “You Are What You Eat” to follow up Rockies’ Mindful Movements initiative!

Mr. Migz:

Since the beginning of January, the grade 10 students have been preparing for Hudson College’s annual Science Fair. It is a means to which students are able to explore inquiries and conduct experiments by following the scientific method. Due to COVID restrictions, the Toronto Science Fair has moved to a digital platform of presenting individual projects, instead of poster boards as seen in previous years. On the afternoon of February 26th, the Upper School Science Fair was introduced by Dr. Eric Walser, a 4th year resident surgeon at London’s Hospital. Dr. Walser discussed his educational journey and the weight of the scientific method in both his practice and its integration into society. The afternoon was later filled with presentations that explored thoughtful inquiries of science and a demonstration of the hard work of our
Grade 10 students.

1st Place – Kobe & Adelaide
2nd Place – Alice & Emmeline
2nd Place – Nour
3rd Place – Leah

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