Community Fridges Toronto

Locations of the fridges in Toronto. Illustration credits to Achala Ganesan

Alice Irwin

When the COVID-19 virus first took control of Canada, it ravaged our economy; its appearance has inaugurated the second highest unemployment rate in Canadian history. It has been around a year since then, and Toronto’s economy is nowhere near a full recovery. A survey in September revealed that the city has the highest unemployment rate in Canada. Even if you are lucky enough to have a job, Toronto’s outlandish housing costs often limit people, forcing them to spend all of their income on having a roof over their heads and leaving no room to fill their fridges.

This is why Community Fridges Toronto is such an important organization to support if you have the luxury of financial security. This organization has set up seven fridges scattered all around the city for Torontonians to fill with food for people in need. For the people who are lucky enough to have fridges full of food, this is a simple way to give back to your community and make a difference. 

CFTO Rules

  1. Take what you need
  2. Leave what you can
  3. Keep the fridge clean and tidy
  4. If you would not eat it, do not leave it

Fridge Locations 

888 Dupont St

1132 College St

269 Dunn Ave

870 Dundas St West

780 Adelaide St West

348 Pape Ave

250 Westlake AveTo learn more, check out the organization’s Instagram account, @cf___to. Please contact me at  if you have goods you would like me to deliver to one of these fridges.

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