Editor’s Note – Introductions

Hi, I’m Emmeline Accardi. I’m in tenth grade and this is my fourth year at Hudson College. You might have seen me, or more accurately just seen my profile photo, at the Love Against Hate Club or Rockies meetings. This is my first year in the newspaper and I’ve really been enjoying it.

But on top of just enjoying myself, I am now taking on some greater responsibility as an assistant editor, meaning I’ll be going through articles and writing some shorter editorials like this one. Here’s a bit about me: if you couldn’t tell from me joining the newspaper, I like writing as well as reading. Occasionally I will also run. I don’t know if I would go as far as saying I enjoy it but I will include it in my list of hobbies anyway.

I’m also very invested in current events. Some of the many events and issues I’ve been focusing on right now are the vaccines as well as lack of diverse representation in the publishing industry and hope to write more on these subjects in the future as I continue to educate myself. 

Now that I’ve introduced myself, enjoy this issue. Some of my favourite recent articles are, Doing the Impossible with Lucid Dreaming and Exam Season Management 101. You should definitely check them out.

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