Editor’s Note – To The Future

Hey guys.

I’ve written variations on the whole – “we’re online, boo”, “we’re in person again, great”, thing, before, so it’s hardly even necessary to acknowledge it. Whether you’re in Toronto, elsewhere in Canada, or in another country entirely, you will know that everything’s been closing again because of the super-fun third wave of COVID-19.

Moving on. The year is starting to wrap up, since after the next couple of weeks, we’ll be in the third semester enjoying the pleasures that three hour chemistry and French classes have to offer. But also, we’ll be having people graduating this year, many of them online, some of them in-person, moving onto whatever post-secondary life has to offer them.

While this time around, that number does not include me, next year, I’ll be headed off to some college, university, “detention facility”, Domino’s Pizza, or wherever happens to strike my fancy at the time. For that reason, I’ve decided that it’s about time that someone else should take over, someone younger and more alert to compliment my aging wisdom.

For that reason, we have selected Emmeline Accardi to take over when it comes time for me to step down as the leader of the paper. Emmeline’s been creating with us for a while, and has put out some very high quality writing. Until then, she will be assisting in a more hands-on way, including editing the wonderful articles our writers type up, and writing her own editorials, much like I do now. I trust she will do good things with the paper in the future, but hope to make a few more lasting impressions before my time is up.

There’s a great new slew of articles to check out – enjoy the reading, and avoid the plague like you do with taxes.

Julian Apolinario

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