Love Against Hate.

This year, we have embarked upon an ambitious project at our school. 

Amidst a once-in- a-century pandemic, Hudson students have risen to the occasion by confronting some of the most pressing issues in our local, national and world community. Never shy to engage in difficult conversations and keen to both demand action and speak loudly in defense of their generation, our students have organized and implemented a variety of different initiatives, events, talks, and social media campaigns that portray a need for urgent action on a veritable cornucopia of political and social concerns. 

One of the most effective means of participating in a democratic society is to ask questions of powerful people, concerns, and structures. Whittled down to its fundamental essence, this is the function of news media.

While our student paper is still very much in a development stage, and its reach and notoriety at our school continue to steadily build, this principle has been very important to our team. Even with tongue planted firmly in-cheek, at times.

Photo Credit: Shutterstock Images

This past semester, my Grade 12 Canadian and International Law students wrote a series of expose style long-form journalism pieces on subjects of human rights around the world. Their work deserves to be read by more than just me as their teacher, and so I thought that the perfect way to  make the fruits of their labour tangible is to publish it here in conjunction with our Love Against Hate initiative (which is, at its core, all about human rights) and in our student newspaper. 

These students did a phenomenal job and subjects run the gamut from reproductive rights in India to poverty across Canada to the disappearance of indigenous languages. They will be released one-per-week for the rest of the year and be featured individually on our social media pages. 

I hope that you will join with me in reading and reflecting critically upon the content exposed herein and think about how you can help be a part of the solution to human rights violations at the local, national, and international level. 

Mr. Winter, May 2021

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