Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made

Satan, old cars, blue skies… Would be nice if not for the Goat-Man

The movie I will be talking about today is one with an interesting story. Antrum, released in 2018, is a mockumentary that was marketed as “The Deadliest Film Ever Made.” In the opening portion of the documentary-style film, it is mentioned that while originally released in the 70s, the film brings potentially deadly fates upon those who view it. It even includes a legal notice displaying a countdown to the beginning of the film. Their marketing claiming it is a cursed film was apparently so believable that it became a trend on Tiktok to see if you survived after watching it. The movie stars Nicole Tompkins as Oralee and Rowan Smyth as her little brother Nathan. It has been given a 75% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 4.9/10 on IMDb. According to the latter source, it grossed only $26 at the box office.

Siblings Oralee and Nathan take a journey through a forest in order to try and save the soul of their recently deceased dog Maxine, supposedly from hell. Oralee tells Nathan they must dig a hole right where Satan landed on his fall from Heaven to travel through the 7 layers of hell and find their dog’s soul. The only question is, did Oralee fabricate this elaborate story of saving their dog to comfort her brother or did they accidentally travel into hell itself?

Film critics commended the director on his ability to “blur the lines between fiction and reality” and ability to inflict continuous feelings of tension and unease throughout the film. Many thought that while ambitious, the mockumentary style seemed cheesy and was not done in a completely realistic way that could convince its audience the film was actually cursed.

I personally enjoyed Antrum; it had been on my list for a while and I am glad I watched it. The film did seem a bit amateur and “flat” at times, but the director made an ambitious and intriguing film overall. The acting was fairly good and the story was compelling, so I give Antrum a 7.5/10. I recommend this film for those who like suspenseful horror movies but are not too keen on the gore as there is not much gore or blood in this film. 

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