Editor’s Note – A Fond Farewell

Hi everyone!

This Pride Month, the Herald wishes to highlight what the Love Against Hate Club will be doing for this annual celebration. Stay tuned to their Instagram to learn more!

There are only a few more weeks of school left as we’re heading into June, and we at the Herald are going to be releasing our last full issue of the 2020-2021 school year. We’ve got a great variety of pieces out, from a look at Vietnamese cuisine, info on Toronto’s car scene, and a look at the COVID-ravaged state of India. 

We have also hit the milestone of 100 articles, something that we have worked towards for the past two years – a huge collaborative goal that is something that everyone who has contributed to us should be proud of! However, with this success at the end of the year comes another graduating class, a set of Grade 12s that will be pursuing their futures in a variety of different fields. We at the Herald wish those leaving Hudson the best of luck!

However, this going-away is bittersweet, as many in this departing cohort have been contributors to the newspaper for years at this point, helping build up this fledgling newspaper either by writing wonderful pieces, helping me manage the work of editing, or running our social media accounts. The Herald will miss your hard work and distinctive writing, and we hope that your talents and the media you’ve created for us will serve you well in the future.

Without you guys, this paper would be the worse for it, and the invaluable pieces you’ve created have both informed and amazed me. So thank you. For your time, effort, and creativity. I hope you enjoyed yourselves, and can look back on what you’ve done with pride.

Because you deserve it.

Julian Apolinario

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